A very silly cartoon that is non violent and sends a message to be friendly and accepting of all people. Clarence is a very friendly fun loving boy, who reaches out to everyone and wants to be their friend. Yes he is goofy and silly and even a little off putting at times, but isnt that a little bit of every little boy you have met or raised? I like the fact that the cartoon is not trendy, nor is it violent like so many today. This is a fantastic cartoon for elementary school-aged kids (and their parents), thanks to the show’s positive messages, delivered with a dose of twisted humor. Don’t just take my family’s word for it, the Nielson ratings will tell you the same thing, with Clarence taking the top spot for kids ages 6-14 during each month of the show’s episode premieres.

Clarence is friendly towards everyone, despite some of his classmates not knowing how to handle his sometimes-overwhelming personality (see “Slumber Party,” where Clarence crashes a girl’s slumber party…it starts out awkward but ends up pretty awesome). He has the ability to find the good in everyone, such as how in “Zoo” he convinces party-pooper Belson that a field trip to the zoo isn’t all bad.

This DVD contains 12 episodes from the Clarence cartoon. Amazon doesn't always do a good job on their DVD episode listings so here are the episodes that are included on this DVD:

1. Fun Dungeon Face Off
2. Pretty Great Day with a Girl
3. Lost in the Supermarket
4. Clarence's Millions
5. Jeff's New Toy
6. Zoo
7. Rise ‘n' Shine
8. Average Jeff
9. Slumber Party
10. Dream Boat
11. Too Gross for Comfort
12. Neighborhood Grill

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