Finding parking is a pain. You are going to someone’s house, maybe for a wedding, a garden party, a Christmas party, or maybe just even a party for the heck of it. Who wants to try to find parking, and then have to walk after you finally find it?  Maybe you don’t live in a mansion and do not throw huge parties – I know my family had a family reunion at a park.  There were many people, and parking was crazy.  Since parks sometimes do not have lots (this one did not) it was a pain to find parking and after finding it I had to walk what seemed like forever to get to the park, and then later had to walk back! Having a valet service there would have been ideal.

If you live in the Portland area, call Valet Parking Portland.  They provide the car parking services for any event. How sophisticated would it be to be throwing a party and to have that service? Your guests will thank you for not having to find a spot and once they do, having to walk what may be a good distance to get to your function!  Even having a party at a rented hall using the valet service will add an extra layer of pampering for your guests.  Let’s face it, unless you are lucky enough to get close to the door (which never happens to me) you usually have a hike.  And if you’re like me, you can NEVER remember where the heck you parked your car.  Especially in big lots.  It always takes me forever to find it, which just ends up being very frustrating and making me stress, so no matter how great of a time I had the last part of the night is always me stressing.  Once I find my car, I need to get out of the spot.  Now I pray nobody parked too close to me or it is a heavy traffic area, especially if I need to back out since nobody wants to give me a break and let me out.  Not worrying about that would be awesome.  They are experienced, they get my car, bring it to me and I just drive away without having been stressed!

They are not just for private residential parties either (although how cool is that).  They are also available for hotels, restaurants, the airport, hotels, concerts, you name it.  So if you are in one of those establishments, just call Valet Parking Portland.  Why hire your own valet staff, pay them, worry about people calling out sick and not having enough coverage, paying for extra insurance I am sure you need when you have employees moving cars, when you can just call Valet Parking Portland and they are all ready to do it for you?  I know there have been places I have gone where I just leave because the parking is too far or I can’t find any which is disappointing and a pain! You don’t want to lose business because of a parking issue of all things.

Call them and see how they can help your business or next function be sophisticated and stress-free for your guests!

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