Classic Christmas Movies Your Kids Will Love

There is something truly enchanting about a Christmas movie. They can sweep you away into a world of festive fun and revelry, make your kids beam with happiness, and give the whole family a chance to relax and enjoy the season. Watching a Christmas movie during the period between the Christmas and New Year is the perfect way to prolong the festive feeling– but what should you be watching?

There’s nothing quite like the Christmas classic Home Alone to get the whole family laughing.Talking of things you’ve seen a thousand times before, Frozen isn’t strictly a Christmas movie, but its ice theming has made it a festive classic and even if you’ve seen it countless times before, it’s still a delight and the familiarity of the songs makes it even better. Furthermore, there’s no denying that It’s A Wonderful Life is a perfect Christmas movie that hits all the right notes for a seasonal treat.

The Polar Express is a charming film that is a perfect for a cold winter’s evening, while The Muppet Christmas Carol has an undeniable charm. You should also consider an oldie but a goodie; A Charlie Brown Christmas is great for all ages, and is even more wonderful as you now have the opportunity to share a beloved childhood gem with your own kids. There’s also usually a few TV movies to try, and maybe one day the concept movie below will have the backing to become a viable option? It looks like it would be good, anyway!

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