Clean The Air You Breath!

Clean The Air You Breath!

Do you or anyone of your family members or friends suffer from allergies? I know in my household my husband has severe allergies and normally wakes up almost every morning stuffed up and unable to breath through his nose. We also have a nephew that stays with us a lot on the weekends and he suffers from asthma.

One of the things that never occurred to me that could be bothering them is the air inside of our home. I know there are many things in their everyday life such as pollen, air pollution, perfumes, and chemicals that could be triggering a lot of this and I wanted to at least try to help anyway I can to make them comfortable in the comfort of home.

The Blue Air Purifier by Blue is an air purifier that you can use to clean 99% of the particles out of the air you breath! It is a Swedish designed air purifier that comes in three different models that can clean the air in rooms from 161-600 sq feet. You can use these in every room in your home, your children's nursery, and even have one at work to clean the air in your office.

Blue Air

We spend most of our time in our bedroom considering that is where we spend 8 hours a day sleeping. We have the Blue Pure 411 which will clean up to 161 sq feet. The average bedroom size in the United States is 132 sq feet so this covers all the space we need for a great nights sleep.

The unit itself does not take up much space considering the benefits that it is doing for your health. It has a unique 360 degrees air intake. It is super light if you decide to move it around to different rooms, and it is as easy as plugging in and hitting one button to get started. We have 2 dogs in our home and this product will even remove pet dander from the air.

My favorite thing about the Blue Air Purifier is the fact that you can change the colors of the fabric filter on the outside and you can also wash it and re-use it. They have some bright colors such as blue, orange and pink and also some neutral colors like black and lunar rock. These are so easy to take off and replace.

Blue Air Purifier

With all of the products that this company has to offer you are sure to find the one that is right for your home and your family! The prices are super affordable and just think, you don't have a choice but to breath these harmful things outside of your home everyday, the least you can do is clean the air that you breath inside of your home!

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