Clever Arrangements: Writing an Online Will

Should you reach the end of your life—through an unfortunate mishap, or merely reaching the final grain of your life’s hourglass—a voice is needed to relay your plans when you yourself cannot. After you die, a will can act as that voice.

What is a will? It is a written document that can speak in your stead, and communicate how you had planned your affairs to be handled. Distribution of your assets; naming a suitable guardian for children who have yet to reach the age of inheritance; or simply arrangements for your own funeral. Having a wills and estates sydney, is great for if something happens to you and there are family left, this takes care of all of that. 

How much does an online will cost?

Straight to the point—it doesn’t cost much. Compared to going through the process of personally setting up a will through lawyers, online will costs amount only to just a fraction of the usual. 

Specifically, how much?” You might be tempted to ask. Well, a lawyer may charge anywhere upwards a minimum of $100 or even $1000 to create a will, depending on which part of the country you live and whether you suffer from certain complications or personal circumstances.

Compared to that, the cost of an online will ranges between $20 and $100. Affordable, and with no other charges. Seeing how cheap it is, however, writing an online will begs the question—

Is an online will Legal?

Why yes—although it doesn’t go through the usual process of personally hiring a lawyer to guide you, as long as the online will kits comply with federal and state laws, they are completely legitimate.

Also, writing your online will goes through legitimate companies that have already hired licensed attorneys and legal professionals that would help you so that each document would be legally binding.

An online will is most suitable for creating basic wills since they are far less expensive than going through a lawyer.

Convenience of an Online Will

Cost reduction isn’t the only benefit to writing an online will, you get to avoid the unnecessary hassle of procuring all documents and attending to a lawyer’s business hours. Of course, you still need to have every necessary document to write your will, but you won’t have to carry them around.


But these are only minor conveniences. What’s so special about will kit is that there’s less of a chance for them to ever get misplaced, damaged, or destroyed. They stay within the online databases of your chosen company—where you can access them any time without fear of loss.

Which will do I need?

There are many types of wills, the two most common being single and joint/mirror wills.

Should I make a will if I’m single?

Most single people should have a will. How else would the distribution of your property be handled, or your leftover affairs be managed?

Joint/Mirror wills

If you are married or in a relationship, where the surviving partner receives everything from a deceased partner then a mirror will is appropriate. It is a will that contains nearly identical provisions executed by one’s significant other.

A will is your voice put in writing, to express your wishes and intentions after your eventual passing—so it may not be a requirement, but it certainly is a clever arrangement.

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