How the Clipa handbag hanger works – Open and place on the bag strap – to use, place one end on table edge or any other surface. When finished, simpley pull the strap and let fall back onto the bag.


We travel a lot and this is such an amazing product. It works great for bathrooms, restaurants or bars, outdoor cafes, cubicle walls or meetings, sporting events, concerts or theaters, salons and spas, airplanes and cruise ships, casinos and poolside, strollers and shopping carts, it is so portable and small that you can take it with you anywhere you may go and use it everywhere.


You can choose Hematite, Polished Gold, Matte Silver, Polished Silver, or Matte Gold. Most of the bag hangers are designed on a 1940's design, which is the old fashion “L” shape. This design was intended for the smaller purses used decades ago. Not the big heavy bags and backpacks that we carry today. In 2006, Mike began working on this design. He has a background in engineering and manufacturing helped this product work where most wouldn't. Their family and friends, tried it everywhere – restaurants and at ballgames. Travelers, like myself, like it's instant operation, sleek design and versatility. Women love its understated elegance and “double life” as a bracelet.  2009 saw the launch of Clipa.

September 2015 saw the launch of Clip2, even better than the original. 25% lighter, this slimmer model opens even wider yet uses just a 1/2″ of space. It can hold up to 33lbs and has been tested and believed to last up to 10 years. Designed in California and made in China through their exclusive partner, Clipa is patented in the U.S. and internationally. They proudly back every one with a manufacturer's warranty and satisfaction guaranteed.

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