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Fun Creative Clixo Toy

I love my kids! So when it comes to helping the neurons get fired in their minds and get the wheels turning, I will do it. I will get them whatever cool toys are out on the market that will engage and enlighten them. I rather cool toys that make them think than always using their iPads to play games all day. A very cool play activity toy I don’t mind my kids playing with for hours is the Clixo.

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Building Enjoyment

The Clixo is a go at it make and twist your own fun. Build something, anything, and whatever your heart and mind desires. What it is, is a structured playtime that lets kids explore and experiment. It is a bunch of pieces of flexible, mobile tools that kids can assemble together and reassemble. The pieces connect together via strong magnets. The shapes are round x’s that interlock and bend to make all sorts of creations.

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Fun Projects

My child enjoys her Clixo set, because she has already made so many fun projects. She made something as simple and cute as a butterfly and something as wild and more drastic as a drone. Whatever your child can think of and put together is the enjoyment of the whole toy. Make a ball, make a house, make a plane, it can all be done.

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Cute Packaging and Sets

The Clixo comes in a very fun peel off yogurt like container. Then depending on which pack you get is how many pieces are inside. There is the Itsy pack with eighteen pieces. A Crew pack has thirty pieces. Then the Rainbow pack has forty-two pieces with a little more colors. The Super Rainbow is the largest pack with sixty pieces.

Find out more at Clixo / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube

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