Cloud B Charley The Chameleon and Sportz Starlites Giveaway


Every child loves stuffed animals. My son Zachary has tons of stuffed animal friends. He is afraid of the dark. 5 to 10% of children are afraid of the dark. My son has his own room with his bed. I do not want to be one of the parents that let their child sleep in bed with them. Once you let that happen it’s a habit that’s hard to break. Cloud-b has Charley the chameleon. He changes colors like a real chameleon and plays soothings sounds ( rainforest and tropical tunes). Charley is recommended for all ages.

Charley the chameleon is a cuddly plush friend that not only helps children transition fro. Playtime to sleep time but also lights up to help children with their fear of the dark. Children’s imaginations light up as charley changes colors like a real chameleon and plays soothing songs as your child falls asleep and will shut off automatically after 45 minutes. You can choose between two light options. Also included is a storybook and adoption certificate for charley.
When I had given my son Charley he was so excited. He loves stuffed animals and especially one that lights up until he falls asleep. He likes to fall asleep with a light on and when he had a friend sleep over the friend liked it dark or he couldn’t sleep. So charley came to the rescue. He could light up next to Zachary while his friend went to sleep. It brightens up the room enough to help ease your child’s fear of the dark but, will not keep anyone up.

This is a great gift for a baby shower or even a birthday. My son loves Charley!
If you do not want a stuffed animal that lights up Cloud B also makes Sportz Starlites. They come in different shapes. A baseball, basketball, football and soccer ball. This light not only changes colors (blue, red and green) it also displays a fun pattern of stars wherever you go. Has an auto shutoff after 45 minutes. Long lasting stay cool LED lights. Has auto cycling colors. Perfect for the little sports player. These cloud b lights are great ways to help your little one feel more at ease without being in the dark.

And now for the giveaway. One lucky winner will win these two Toys. Simply enter below. Good luck!


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