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I was excited when Cluck’n Moo offered me to try their Grass Fed Beef & Chicken Burgers.  These burgers are made without any antibiotic use, have 52% less fat than the USDA standard for ground beef  and 34% less calories than the  USDA standard for ground beef.  I was super excited to try these!

When we cooked the burgers.
The burger did shrink a little bit after cooking, as most do. I had it on a bun with cheese and ketchup.

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They are super tender, and very moist. It honestly tastes exactly like it was 100% beef. You cannot tell there is chicken in it. It was not dry or tough at all. It had the flavor of an 85-90% lean beef burger, but was definitely more moist. Adam, Guy and I had eaten the burgers. I would of liked them to have a little seasoning.

I would definitely recommend these. They are very good. For more information click here.


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