There are just some nights we need a cocktail.  There are times we invite guests and want to serve amazing cocktails.  But what if you don't know what you are doing? It's not something we can just learn and pick up.  We need to have help in learning how to be a fantastic bartender for ourselves and our friends.  That's where these amazing books come in handy.

Bourbon is made in Kentucky.  If you grew up there, I am sure you know a  lot about the drinks.  For the rest of the world, we need help.  This book goes over the history of Bourbon and how to make the cocktails.  There are different ways to get the flavors in them, and it goes over the ideas of infusing and muddling.  With over 100 recipes you will learn a lot.  From the everyday type recipes that would use all the time, and then the ones that are special treats.  There is a candy cane, pumpkin, and eggnog as well.  They have classics for after work, and seasonal drinks as well.  Pick up a copy and show off to your friends you know your bourbon.

If you are more of a Whiskey person, the Manhattan Cocktail book is for you.  This book goes over the history of the Manhattan and shows off how to make them as well.  There are over 50 recipes in the book.  There are great stories for others as well.  Can you even get into the debate of shaken or stirred?  People have a preference and learn if there is a reason behind each way.  You will learn about the history and why they are made.


With these two books, you can learn about fantastic cocktails and then start to show off to your friends.  Even if you are already a bartender, you are sure to learn a few more things about these cocktail drinks.

For these books and more head on  over to The University Press of Kentucky


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