Everyone her is trying to get healthy, eating and drinking things that are healthier for you. When I was asked to do a review for Coco Joy I was thrilled, something new to try to I have never tried coco water before. We have been eating right and cut soda  out of our daily lives, And we really healthy and drink plenty of water,

My niece has started working out and Ray and I take our daily walks, and Kelly and Ronnie are always on the move so they are exercising all the time.

Ray really loved it he said it tasted really good, I can give or take it, But as along as its healthy than its something we will drink more of .

Extracting the water from a young coconut is of key importance to the benefits and taste that sets Coco Joy apart from its competitors. Compared to leading coconut water brands, Coco Joy has fewer calories, less sodium, no added sugar and no preservatives, offering a guilt-free, refreshing, healthy hydration option for people of all ages.

Coco Joy offers a new approach to harvesting the health benefits of coconut water, utilizing a method of cultivating coconuts from the best locations, at the perfect age and time, to create a refreshing, delicious taste. Unlike other coconut water beverages that mix the fatty, milky juice of aged brown coconuts with green coconut water, Coco Joy is never made from concentrate and is made purely from fresh, young green coconuts picked from Southeast Asia’s tropical forests.

Coconut water has been the standard drink of tropical regions around the world for centuries and, over the last decade, has seen a rapid growth in the ready-to-drink beverage category, in part due to its popularity with athletes, celebrities and health-conscious consumers. While Coco Joy does not make any direct wellness claims, coconut water is known for its health and anti-aging benefits. Coconut water is rich in calcium to support strong bones, electrolytes to offer superior hydration, potassium to combat muscle fatigue and cramps, and cytokinins which have anti-aging properties.


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