Enamel plays a very important role in protecting your teeth from decay, so it is important to do everything that you can to prevent your enamel from eroding. It forms a strong barrier that shields the inner layers of your teeth from the effects of acids and plaque. It also protects the sensitive inner layers of your teeth from foods and beverages that are very hot or very cold.

If your enamel is destroyed, your body does not make more to replace it. Unlike other parts of your body — like your bones — enamel does not contain any living cells, so it cannot regenerate.

You can help replenish and protect the enamel on your teeth by brushing twice per day with Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste.

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The NEW Colgate Enamel Health Toothpaste helps smooth enamel in two ways:

Helps replenish natural calcium and other minerals back into weakened enamel, filling rough spots and making it stronger
Gently polishes the enamel surface with gentle micro-polishing action, so germs are less likely to stick to teeth

Colgate 360 Enamel Health Toothbrush has softer bristles to help protect your enamel

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Colgate 360 Enamel Health Toothbrush has 48 percent softer bristles than a leading sensitive toothbrush, to help protect your enamel surfaces and gums. Our unique cheek and tongue cleaner removes 96 percent more bacteria than a regular toothbrush, the polishing whitening cups gently remove stains and the raised cleaning tip helps get into hard-to-reach places.

My teeth have been feeling a bit rougher in spots and I was beginning to worry that I may be losing enamel on them. I had gone t the dentist and asked what to do and he had told me to try and enamel toothpaste. I was very happy to get the chance to try out the Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste and the toothbrush.

After using these products for about two weeks now, I can run my tongue over my teeth and feel a nice smooth surface. I never paid much attention before to the importance of keeping the enamel on my teeth healthy, but now that I have been using Colgate Enamel Health products. I definitely can feel a difference. I have always used Colgate toothbrushes. They always seem to do a great job in getting my teeth cleaned and in the hard to reach places. For more  information click here.

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