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A box arrived the other day with 3 Colgate optic white products. I do use Colgate toothpaste but not optic white. I recently had gone to the dentist and had asked about getting my teeth whitened. He had told me to go get teeth whitening products. They have the same rests and much cheaper.
The Colgate optic white platinum toothpaste in cool mint. Whitens and protects. Has whiteseal technology. It is anti cavity fluoride toothpaste enamel safe. Deeply whiten more then 3 shades and seals out new stains.you will see results after 1 week. Best results after use as directed for 4 weeks.

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Colgate optic white toothbrush and built in whitening pen. Brush with your regular toothpaste. Apply the whitening gel. Store the pen inside the brush and go. I have used whitening gels before. They taste horrible and you have to rinse your mouth out several times to get the taste out. This gel you don't have to rinse out. The taste is not bad. No waiting, no rinsing.
New Colgate optic white with whiteseal mouthwash. Icy fresh mint. Multi care whitening rinse, enamel safe and kills bad breath germs. Alcohol free. I like the minty taste. Leaves your mouth clean and refreshed. Whiter teeth in 5 days.

I have used these three products for a week now. My teeth feel very clean and are two shades whiter then before. Not only am I a coffee drinker, I am an ex smoker. I quit 9 years ago but still have the teeth stains from smoking. I am definitely going to keep using the Colgate whitening products. I like how clean and brighter my teeth are. For more information click here.

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