Color Psychology: The Meaning of the Color Purple

Color Psychology: The Meaning of the Color Purple

Purple is the combination of red and blue and sits between the two colors on the color wheel.

We often don’t see the color purple in nature which is why it seems almost “artificial” and fascinating to many people. But what about color psychology and the meaning of the color purple?

What psychological effects does it have on our brains, and why should we incorporate it into our homes? Let’s explore the significance of purple and how it affects us.

Symbol of Royalty

If you look at history, you’ll notice that purple often symbolized royalty, but why is that? Well, purple’s noble reputation came down to supply and demand.

In the city of Tyre, now known as Lebanon, dye-makers discovered a species of sea snails that produced a unique shade of purple, which then became known as “Tyrian purple.”

This dye was extremely rare and cost an extravagant amount of money per pound, which only the rich and powerful could afford, thus associating purple with royalty.

Purple Heart Meaning

The Purple Heart medal is presented to members of the US military who were wounded or killed in the line of duty during their service. A Purple Heart represents bravery and courage and is the oldest military decoration that is still awarded to service members to this day.

How It Affects the Brain

Color psychology is the study of how colors affect human behavior and emotions. When we look at certain colors, they trigger parts of the brain that control our feelings and reactions. This is why red promotes anger or energy while green creates balance and feelings of freshness.

Purple is considered mysterious and magical, which is why it often sparks curiosity and creativity. However, it’s a passive and cool color that can also promote feelings of calm and peace.

This is why many people associate calm with the amethyst gemstone symbolism—this gemstone offers mental clarity, protection, and serenity.

Ways To Incorporate Purple Into Your Home

You can add the color purple to your home in many ways, including:

  • As an accent color (throw pillows, artwork, etc.)
  • In children’s rooms
  • With flowers
  • With curtains

You can combine purple with complementing colors like mustard, grey, navy blue, and more to add a touch of purple to your space.

Purple is a calming yet exciting color, which is why it’s perfect for your home, office, wardrobe, and more. When learning about color psychology and the meaning of the color purple, be sure to understand its mental effects to learn why it’s an underappreciated color!

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