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I really love when I have items that my son Zachary has made me something. I can use or have that is made from him. I cherish the little things. Color time crafts and markers makes different items for children and adults to color bags and other items. I have a tote. Before decorating the tote do not wash. Use a paper towel inside the bag is sufficient. They would rather you use a piece of sandpaper to make it easier to color the product. It grips the inside of the tote as you color it. Do not use plastic as it will just slide.  The bag is very sturdy and nicely made. You are recycling, reducing garbage and reusing at the same time.
The color time markers should have the caps placed on the back of the pens while coloring. And should be snapped back tight before taking a new color. The markers non toxic and permanent. Marker will wash off hands.  Colors will dry quickly and do not need to be heat set. Shirts can be worn as soon as shirt feels dry to the touch. The colors are chlorine resistant and pool water will not affect the colors.
Before washing your item you must make sure it is completely dry. Wait about 2 hours and feel to make sure it is dry. All items are normal wash. Ironing is not recommended unless the printed area is covered with a cloth. Hot iron will cause black print to smudge.They have shirts, bandanas, head wraps, totes, bags and pillow cases.  Colortime is giving away 1 colortime tote and marker set on their facebook page each week to 1 lucky winner. to receive a 15% off online use code: 15for30C.  For free shipping on orders over $60 use code: RSH11W.  For more information click here.
display-tshirtsThe nice people of color time has agreed to give one of my readers, a chance to win one for themselves. All you have to do is  sign up below and good luck.

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