As woman we can never have enough purses, makeup and shoes . Thats true with my sister and niece  they never have enough.  When im home I love to walk around in my socks.  Been searching for something I can use both inside, and out that are comfortable to wear and not bother my feet. What about a great pair of women's Italian sandals, they are also perfect to wear outside on a nice day.

Let me tell you about Fitkicks, these are cute and very comfortable…as close to barefoot as you can get. And great to use everyday all day. They are lightweight so won't weigh you down in the water.

Walking to lunch, work, yoga, and more feels great in a pair of ultra-comfy FitKicks. Great for fitness or casual wear, these stretchy slip-ons feature fashionable and breathable uppers with flexible soles.  These shoes are great for everything , what makes them even better is they are easy to pack and take with you.  Made from a stretchy material , you can fold them up to fit in anything . So while your ready for a cruise or vacation pack these and be comfortable all day long.


The rubber bottom provides just enough support and traction, and the top portion hugs like a glove once wet. Water goes right in and out, so the feeling of your foot staying wet isn't there.  Cant wait to try these on my cruise , I want to see if they feel great as I am walking around. FitkickS's ultra-lightweight, lace-free design makes getting ready and out the door a breeze! These shoes offer full movement potential with a unique design and ergonomic fit.

Durable FlexForm sole naturally contours to your foot for free range of motion, and fold and go transport. These shoes are a perfect match for today's busy lifestyles. Their form-fitting construction is extra breathable. It sits atop a sole that provides ergonomic comfort. An easy slip-on design; a perfect fold-and-go portability.

The TECHNOLOGY is specifically engineered to provide natural contour and free range of motion. The protective toe guard prevents dragging and excessive wear points. Wear them anywhere: playing, exercising, walking, dance class, poolside, at the beach, and for everyday kicking around. FitKicks are ergonomically designed to conform naturally to your foot and are breathable, providing a free range of motion and comfort for all activities.

They not only have woman shoes, they have men and children too.

Would you want to try these , and why? I'm glad I did love these .

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