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We may not all want to admit it, but as we get older, our health starts to deteriorate in many different ways. However, we can all get different issues as time passes. Some of us more so than others. But the truth is, none of us really know what our future holds. It doesn’t matter how well we take care of ourselves or what we don in regards to our diets or exercise, we can all be subject to some of the most common issues. Which is why I thought it was time to share with you what some of them may be, after all, awareness provides us with the knowledge to perhaps deal with issues sooner rather than later.




Did you know that arthritis affects nearly half the elderly community? It happens to be a common thing that many of us could deal with, but what is it? Arthritis is the inflammation of a ligament or joint. It can cause real issues with movement and mobility, the worse it gets, the more painful it can become. Weather can also bring on the symptoms and make the pain worse on some days than others. Some of the most common areas you can struggle with are your wrists or hands, your hip, and in your knees. This is why it's so important to look to improve range of motion in all parts of your body with movement and supplements as you get older, so you are less likely to suffer badly with this condition. 


Cataracts in your eyes


A cataract is the clouding of the eyes natural lense which lies between the pupil and the iris. Surprisingly, it can be ones of the most common causes of vision loss for anyone getting older, but it can actually be something that is easily resolved. Visiting local Optometrists can help you on the road to recovery to get your vision back if you find yourself struggling with this issue.




So many older people will find themselves struggling with dementia, and in many cases, you may find that the person doesn’t even fully understand that they have it. It is a disease that attacks the brain and can cause problems with memory loss. It may start off with small things like short-term memory loss, forgetting where keys are or being forgetful when it comes to appointments. But it can deteriorate rapidly and cause people to even forget family members, etc. It isn’t a pleasant thing to witness, but more people seem to be being diagnosed with it as time goes on.


Mental health issues


Other mental health issues that older people can face is depression and anxiety. These are far more common than we realize and that can be down to many things including circumstances and loneliness, as well as finding it harder going out or being around people.




There is a greater risk of developing some cancers as you get older, but there is no shying away from the fact that cancer is still a huge issue for anyone of us. Your body does get weaker as it gets older, which means it is harder to fight off the disease or even undergo some of the most intrusive cures such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.


I hope this helps you to be more aware of some of the health issues you could expect as you get older.


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