Our fur babies have made us proud puppy parents since the day we brought them home. While many of us believe they have learned all they need to properly train and nurture their canine companions, there are still a few things that always get left unsaid.  We love our dogs, but there are some things we do as humans that just don’t translate into the dog world. The following are common mistakes every dog owner should avoid:


Forgetting That Your Dog Relies on you

This is a common mistake, as many pet owners believe that once they have fed and walked their dog, their job is done. This could not be further from the truth; there is a reason why your pet is considered your child because they depend on you as such. Your dog’s world revolves around you, and they rely on you for 99% of their needs. So, make time for fun and games; they need your love and attention throughout the day.


Startling Your Pet

Humans often forget that dogs do not react to affect the way we do. Startling them when you pick them up or kiss them does cause them quite a bit of stress. Animals do not greet each other this way, so whenever you want to express your love for them, do it in a way that does not startle them. The same goes for when they are sleeping. You should never wake a pet from their slumber in a shock. In fact, by now it should be common knowledge that you do not wake up a sleeping pet when you feel like it.


Giving Them Your Food

We know how hard it is to resist those puppy dog eyes when they beg for our food but giving a pet your food can sometimes be a big mistake. You need to be aware of what is suitable for dogs and what isn’t. Some human foods are highly dangerous for them, so it’s important to check through reliable sources first. The dog experts at DogHelpful.com will tell you that dogs can eat foods like carrots, bananas, and chicken but consuming foods like chocolate, garlic, and onion can be very toxic, and possibly even fatal, for them. This is why it is of great importance that you do your due diligence before feeding your pet from your own plate. You should also check with your veterinarian in case your dog needs a specific meal plan. And remember, never offer your pet processed or fast food.


Leaving Too Much Food in Their Bowl

Many people mistake dogs’ appetites and eating habits with cats’ when it comes to food. While cats will stop eating once they are full, dogs do not have the same self-control. Your dog needs you to help him maintain a healthy weight, especially since some breeds are prone to health issues or muscle complications due to their inability to carry their own weight. So, control your dog’s food intake by limiting their meals. Check with your vet to make sure you are not over or underfeeding your pet; your vet will let you know what your dog’s ideal weight should be.


Reasoning with Your Dog

When your pet fears something they dislike is about to happen, they will react by hiding or running away. This is especially the case if they don’t like baths, and they hear you turn on the water. Trying to soothe your dog with common phrases such as “It’s alright” and “it’s okay” will only result in them associating the phrase with something negative. Avoid saying anything at all so your pet feels as though nothing different, or unpleasant is about to happen. 



We understand how frustrating dog training can be, however, if you lose your cool, then the dog has already won the battle. Yelling does not help the dog understand what you are trying to convey Instead, it can frighten them and make them feel confused. To avoid confusion and fear, use the same command each time. Do not use “leave it” and then “drop it” for the same thing. Stay calm and focus on what you want your dog to do rather than yelling out a long speech that they will not understand anyway. To encourage them to obey your commands, you must be clear and calm. The same can be applied when you are walking your dog; if you find him or her doing something wrong, you can say that while applying a slight pull on the leash. For this its better to get a proper leash that won't hurt your buddy, like the ones you can find on Neewa.


You may be surprised by some mistakes on the list, which is why it is so important to do your research when it comes to raising a puppy to make sure what you are trying to accomplish gets through to them. You will also need to know what makes your pet feel loved and safe, and what scares or confuses them. Finally, remember you are in charge of their health, so make sure you know what food you are putting into their mouths.

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