Common Mistakes People Make When Wearing Fake Eyelashes

Common Mistakes People Make When Wearing Fake Eyelashes

False eyelashes are the leading eye area accessory for a number of reasons. They make your lashes appear fuller, more colorful, and can even be customized to fit your unique needs. However, when it comes to applying and maintaining them for the first time, many individuals find that it’s easy to make mistakes. These blunders in eyelash care can result in your products not holding up for as long or even cause them to fall apart entirely. So, if you want to ensure that your experience with extensions is a good one, take care to avoid these common mistakes people make when wearing fake eyelashes.When doing your eyelash, make sure you have all the supplies and materials you need such as a variety of extensions, tweezers, and eyelash extension glue. In this way, you will be prepared for any style you want and it would result in a better application.

Failing to Cut Your Lashes Before Applying

When you first purchase a set of Eyelash tint, they come in longer strands than you’d typically expect. This is to give you the ability to cut, shape, and mold the lashes to your eyes before officially applying them. Unfortunately, for those who don’t realize this and use them as-is, the finished product could end up looking unnatural and can even be uncomfortable to wear. So, before you do anything else take the time to ensure that your false lashes properly match the curves of your eye. You can do this by studying your specific eye type and spending some time measuring and comparing the lashes to your overall eyelid shape.

Not Cleaning Them Regularly (Or Properly)

It’s also common for new false eyelash wearers to forget that these products need to be regularly cleaned and managed for them to last. Though false eyelashes don’t need as much maintenance as professional eyelash extensions, they do need to occasionally be lightly brushed and washed with a quality cleanser. This is to keep the dirt and natural oils on your skin from weighing them down and loosening the adhesive holding them to your eyelids. Brushing them every so often also keeps them curled how you want and looking great.

Wearing Mascara on Top of Them

Another mistake that people often make when wearing fake eyelashes is to continue applying mascara over them. Though a little bit of product can pull your natural and fake lashes together and create consistency in their appearance, it isn’t meant to be used all the time. In fact, false lashes are designed to be full and dark enough that they don’t even need mascara. So, using mascara over them can be overkill, and even potentially ruin them for future use. Running the sticky eyelash brush through false lashes also increases the risk of you snagging and pulling them away from the adhesive, reducing the longevity of its hold.

Using Your Fingers to Adjust Your Lashes

Additionally, you should never use your fingers to move or adjust the appearance of your false eyelashes. While it might seem like the lashes are all one piece, they’re actually a number of individual hairs that are being held together by a strip. Because of this, when you handle them with your fingers, you have a higher chance of bending or even ripping out some of these hairs. As such, it’s highly recommended that any type of lash manipulation be performed with specialized eyelash tweezers. This way, you can adjust individual hairs without negatively effecting the ones around it.

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