Pregnancy is a stage in life that is both exciting and challenging. An expecting mother would face a lot of physical changes and cope with each of them is essential in order to ensure the health and safety of both mother and child. It is to be expected for each pregnancy to be unique and different for every woman, even for every pregnancy of the same person. Sometimes, what someone experiences is very different even with the same woman giving birth to their succeeding children. And even though each case is special, there are common problems that women normally face during pregnancy.

Morning Sickness

This is one of the most well-known symptoms of pregnancy which is a combination of nausea and vomiting. Despite its name, it can actually occur at any time of the day where a lot of women experience it more than. This can occur throughout the whole pregnancy while the majority only experience it during the first trimester. It is also not surprising if some women hardly experience morning sickness while a number of them do not experience it at all, making them unaware of the pregnancy in its early stages. Vomiting may happen unprecedented but it can usually be triggered by some odors, flavors, spicy food, and excessive heat among others. This condition is attributed to the hormonal changes that a woman has to go through during the pregnancy. What is important is to keep the body hydrated and well-rested and drinking should be done before meals in order not to trigger any vomiting thereafter. 

Skin Changes

Skin changes during pregnancy can become better or worse. Some women achieve a certain glow when they are pregnant while some experience darkening in some areas of the body including the under eyes and armpits. A few experience breakouts brought about the change in hormones of the body. While this is not at all alarming, you can actually have some changes in your facial care routine to address the problem but only incorporate mild and natural products as much as possible to avoid any side effects. It is also normal to experience itching especially around the tummy area since this is going to be really stretched as the baby is growing. Several remedies you can do for this is using oils and cream to ease the itch or using a cold compress and oatmeal baths to soothe the skin. 

Digestion Problems

A growing baby, especially during the second and third trimester will cause digestion problems including indigestion, constipation, and even hemorrhoids. These are normal since these organs are going to receive pressure from the growth of the baby inside the body. This is the reason why probiotics, fiber, and lots of water are important to help with these processes and establish a more consistent toilet habit throughout the pregnancy. It is also important to relieve the self once you feel like it and not wait it out because sitting with it for long periods of time can put pressure on the rectum and cause bleeding. Kegel exercises are known to help all of the areas in the pelvic region in order to strengthen the muscles surrounding the area. 

Leg Cramps and Difficulty Sleeping

There would be a time in pregnancy, usually in the last months when it would be difficult to even bend down to tie your shoes. And even this is only minor because you would have to deal with constant leg cramps especially in the second to third trimester as the baby is gaining weight. The exact cause is not defined yet but it is attributed to the change in blood circulation and extra weight you get from the baby. This causes the inability to sleep easily in most women especially when it turns out to be a restless leg syndrome (RLS) during pregnancy that has symptoms of pain, itching, burning, with a creeping sensation in the legs. This can happen when you are in an idle position and occurs to most women at night. Certain medications prescribed to alleviate this syndrome is dopamine because it is the neurotransmitter in charge of regulating muscle movements. Iron and folic are also reinforced because pregnancy can result in a deficiency in these vitamins. You can also use a cold compression as a remedy to lessen the unpleasant sensation or stretch every now and then to help with the circulation of blood. 

Urinary Problems

Frequenting the toilet to urinate is very common in pregnant women as a result of their bladder being pressured down by their growing womb. Especially during the latter months, leakage is going to be common as when you giggle, laugh, or even cough and sneeze. This is due to the pelvic muscles relaxing in preparation for birth. There are various pelvic floor exercises that can strengthen these muscles to help you push out the baby better during childbirth. These exercises can also be beneficial after giving birth to help you with recovery. One of the remedies most women do is wearing pads that can absorb the leakings. 


A lot of women feel easily tired even from doing strenuous work. This is due to the changes they go through in the body. After all, they are carrying another human being in their body. This is the reason why they often feel very sleepy most of the time. This is one of the chief complaints of women because they tend to feel sleepy in the middle of the day. Following this, they would easily feel a lack of energy and fatigue. It is important that you are able to take a rest when you need to. You should schedule an earlier bedtime than usual and increase your intake of nutritious food to improve your lifestyle during pregnancy. 


These common problems are things you will experience in pregnancy although it can be less severe or more serious. The different changes you go through should be supplemented and remedied to ease any discomfort and give you a better pregnancy journey. All these are part of the beautiful process of pregnancy which signals the coming of a new person in your life. 

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