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Contributing Writers Wanted

I have reached a point where I am extremely busy with other aspects of my blog and really want to give my readers everything I can and that I promised to when I started writing a few years back, but it is becoming extremely hard and that is why I have come up with a plan the involves you!

I am looking for writers. You do not have to be a seasoned writer, I have no problem training you or helping you along the way. I want you the reader to be able to contribute your thoughts as well.

What I’m Looking For

I’m looking for people who are passionate about writing and helping others just as much as I am. I need writers in the following topics:

Healthy Living
Mental Health
Home Decoration
Is This a Paid Gig?

No I’m sorry right now this is not a paid position. However it can get you into the blogging world, if that is something that INTERESTS you. However it doesn’t mean that you will NEVER get paid. There may come a point when I myself need help, or a sponsored post that I normally wouldn’t be in, but one of you are. Or maybe a product. See it’s a win-win. You’ll also be able to get writing credits this way too, and you can tell others to see your work at this site.

How Will We Communicate?

This is very simple! We’ll have our own secret group on Facebook! There we can discuss the blog, issues, posts, and we’ll even have our training done there. Of course some things we will discuss one on one either via Private Messages or via email.

What’s the Commitment?

That’s entirely up to you! If you only have time to write once a month, great, twice a month? Let’s go! Weekly? Sure why not! This is completely flexible and it can be lots of fun!

Where Do I Sign Up?

Right here! Just FILL OUT the form below and I’ll be in touch !

Contributing Writers Application Thank you for your in becoming a contributor Writer for Things That Make People Go Aww. Please fill out the form below.

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