Cookies On A Mission

These Cookies Are On A Mission – Buy A Cookie And You Can Feed The Hungry!

Have you ever just wanted to eat cookies guilt-free?  Well, now you can!  Not only do these yummy treats taste amazing, but they also have honest ingredients.  These are gluten-free and good for you.  Oh, and that's not all.  When you purchase a cookie from them, they will feed the hungry.  What else can you ask for?  A company on a mission!  So, what wonderful company does this?  Recently, Nunbelievable sent me a huge box of delicious, very large-sized cookies and they're so yummy!  I love company's that give back to our big, needy world and they certainly do.  So, if you're looking to give a gift that keeps on giving, look no further.

Cookies On A Mission

A Mission To Serve

For every single cookie sold, Nunbelievable donates one meal to soup kitchens across the world.  Not only will your tummy be full of delectable goodies, but so will someone in need!  When I first saw the logo on the box I received, I didn't understand the whole “nun” part of it.  After reading their website and more about their story, I definitely understand now.  What a great way to give back.  With Christmas coming, can you think of a better gift to give a loved one?  I know I can't.

Do The Cookies Really Taste Good?

So, as I said earlier, their cookies are gluten-free, but that's not all.  They're also non-GMO along with no added preservatives or artificial flavors.  I don't know if there can really be a completely guilt-free cookie, but I think this is the closest someone can come to it!  Nunbelievable sent me the  Assorted Box of cookies, which means I was able to sample a bunch of different flavors.  I'll start with my favorite, Double Chocolate Chip.  Let me just say, when you bite into this huge, chewy cookie, you'll never want anything else!  I was in heaven while eating this.  The chocolate chips are huge and plenty and the flavor of the cookie itself are amazing.  I also received Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Chip.  They're all good, but as I said, I have my favorite.

Cookies On A Mission

Christmas and other holidays will be here before you know it, so make sure you're ready!  Purchase you or a loved one their own box (or boxes) of cookies and help feed the hungry while giving yourself a special treat. Click on the links I've provided to find their website and social media accounts.

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