The Secret to cook and grill safely Tired of burning your fingers when you cook and grill? Have you purchased other cooking gloves that become too slippery to hold food? Or get wet inside and lose their heat retardant qualities or worse, get wet on the outside and scald your hands?

Silicone cooking gloves making it safe and fun to cook, bake and BBQ, allowing you to enjoy time with your family and friends.Your hands will be safe, the thick silicone gloves ensure you are able to handle hot objects up to 425 F for a sustained amount of time.

These work great for flipping food on the grill, from pulling a whole ham out of a roaster, from dipping your hands directly into very hot water.The easily washable silicone removes the situation of always having crusty food on your oven mitts.

The heart ribbing assists with controlling items when being held. These were the only gloves that said they were good for both frozen and hot foods. They are also very flexible and non-slip.

Silicone Gloves Heat-Resistant. The temperature range is -40°F to 446° F (-40º C to 230 º C). Safe in ovens, microwave, dishwashers and freezers – The kitchen cooking gloves have a Raised Texture. They are Light, and Easy to Clean. Hot Liquids Can't Reach Your Skin – Grab Food in boiling water – The mini heart shape design make the grip non-slip and easy to hold any items.

We love these especially my sister and my husband, they are the cooks of the house. When they barbecue its a funny thing and they do it together, they tested it on the grill and they said they felt nothing. Great for the summer time.

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  1. Those look really nice and I love that they’d be so easy to clean!

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