When it comes to cooking in this house, my sister is the queen of the kitchen. She is always trying out new and exciting recipes. Since the holidays are here and I got her something awesome for her birthday, I needed to make sure her Christmas gift was just as awesome.

Been looking for that perfect gift, and I found it to help her in the kitchen on time, the Sharp superheated Steam Countertop Oven, this is something she can use and will be making the perfect dinners with it.  This will cook the food in no time and uses a combination, of radiant heat and superheated steam vapor to get to the right browning temperatures. 

Did you know that cooking with steam, helps to keep the foods authentic flavors and textures, this does it all toast, warm, pizza, bake and reheat as well as broil and grill. Oh, the recipes she will be thinking of and making. The bright and easy-to-read display keeps the control at your fingertips. Thanks to the premium stainless steel finish and hidden baking element, cleanup is fast and easy – simply wipe with a damp cloth inside and out.


A countertop steam oven powerful enough to broil, so food is crispy and brown on the outside, moist and delicious on the inside. Roomy enough for a 12″ pizza or 9 slices of toast.

The first-of-its-kind countertop oven combines superheated steam (up to 485 degrees vs. others at 212 degrees) and conventional, radiant heat. The combination keeps food crispy (yes… even bacon gets crispy!) and browned on the outside and juicy and delicious on the inside.

You can reheat leftovers and not dry them out, you can bring stale bakery bread back to life with the taste and texture of a loaf fresh out of the oven.  Saves you time as you can go right from the freezer to the oven – no preheating and no defrosting needed due to the oven’s instant on feature.

Perfect gift for the cookers in your life.



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