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Smoke or Not to Smoke That is the Question

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Wood Smoke Barbecue

Yes, its Summer time and its time to barbecue. My husband is the barbecue master in the family and he takes his grilling very seriously. What he loves to do is smoke our meats. It adds more mouthwatering flavor to them and a delicious feasting experience. Since Father’s Day is coming up, I’ve decided to get my husband the Wood Smoked Barbecue Grilling Kit by the Cooking Gift Set Company. It comes with three boxes of various wood chips.

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Cooking Gift Set

Included in the Cooking Gift Set are Cherry, Hickory, and Apple wood chips. Each packaged and labeled nicely in their own box. The next most important thing that you always need when you smoke is the smoker box. There is a stainless steel one in the gift set. Then, for a pinch of flavor is a packet of Hickory Smoked salt. It can be resealed to be used time and time again. Next, is a specialty meat thermometer. I love that there are temperature labels for each type of meat you cook, to indicate what temperature it needs to be cooked at. Lastly, there is a Universal Grill Scraper. My husband uses that every time he is done cooking to make sure all the hard crust from the meat drippings have been cleaned off the grill.

Smoking Technique

With smoking meat you always follow a process. If you are using a gas grill, make sure you have enough propane for three hours. If you are using a charcoal grill, then make sure your charcoal is ash-like and then you put your smoker box on top of the coals. As per the gas grill, you place the smoker box on the grill grate and at a temperature of 400 to 500 degrees.

The exciting thing is going to happen next and that is the chips are going to start to smoke! It will happen in about thirty minutes. Once you see the grill is smoking fairly well, then you can reduce your heat to 200 degrees. The key is to smoke for a few hours to get all the flavor saturated in the meat. Also, before taking your meat off the grill, use your thermometer and make sure it has reached its ideal temperature.

Varying Wood Chips for that Great Smoke

My absolute favorite is eating wood smoked BBQ. We always choose the hardwood chips, because it makes the best flavor for smoked meat. I love the three choices of wood chips in this pretty cool gift set. The Hickory wood has a strong bacon-like flavor. It’s very smoky and intense. It’s really great with baby back pork ribs. So juicy, tender, and flavorful. I love pairing this type of BBQ with a glass of red wine or beer! We use the Cherry and Apple wood chips for smoking our white meat like chicken and fish, or even vegetables like asparagus. It has a hint of sweetness.

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