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To fully understand the subtle differences between how to properly cut and style your hair can prove extremely difficult for some, especially if they don't have a stylist or barber telling them exactly what needs to be done and how each end result has its own different look. Unlike the old days, nowadays most modern men really care about how their hair looks. Some even care almost as much as their women counterparts, and even more in some cases. Anyway, we've noticed this and that's why we bring you an article of this nature. Below are some of the cool hairstyles of our time men should consider trying out.


1. The Fade


The fade haircut has arguably become one of the most popular haircuts among men alongside the undercut. Its extreme popularity came to be largely due to the emergence of the modern men's hair craze of short sides and long tops. A fade basically refers to how you cut the back and the sides of your hair. As their name suggests, fades gradually shorten, or “fade”, in length with your top having the longest hair and the bottom having the shortest. This hairstyle is usually cut exclusively using clippers.


2. The Undercut


Another hairstyle that's become almost as popular as the fade we've just highlighted above is the undercut hairstyle. The modern day man has grown to love this hairstyle. With this style, instead of the gradual fade transitioning of a lot of hair at the top to none at the bottom, the key feature here is the contrast between the voluminous top and shaved sides. This hairstyle often has several variations with each style requiring its own different approach and clippers alongside Yasaka scissors can be used in a lot of these approaches. Most people generally opt for a top length of at least two inches or so with their sides being buzzed.


3. The Faux Hawk


The faux hawk or fohawk hairstyle mimics a mohawk, however, it lacks the shaved sides feature. Because what the name literally means is “fake hawk”, this hairstyle has sides that are short with the top having long hair that's styled towards your head's center. Because the fohawk style only emulates a mohawk, the modern man has the ability to get this using several different haircuts. If the hair you have on your head measures at least two inches long, then you can certainly style it to create a faux hawk.


4. The Pompadour


Dramatic as well as voluminous, the pompadour style is where the longest hair is located at the front of your head giving it that “pomp” look and then the hair gradually shortens as it approaches the back sides of the head. Damp, clean hair that measures at least three inches long normally gives the best base, especially when applying styling products. Ensure the products are evenly distributed all over your head so that all the hair can get some.


The hair of a man has always, and probably always will be a key identifier of success. It has been long known to denote masculinity, wealth and class. That still hasn't changed in the slightest bit. As a modern man, you have to ensure you look as good as you possibly can and a good hairstyle is a big part of ensuring you achieve this.


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