I've always been a side sleeper and finding a good pillow to support my head in this position is not easy. The HIBR  side pillow is not your regular shaped pillow. It is also known as a kidney bean pillow due to it's curved bottom to allow you to sleep more comfortable. There is no bunch up under your neck and you can easily put your arm under it when you sleep. Made of memory foam, the HIBR forms to your head and isn't lumpy or bulky. The pillow itself is smooth and comes in a soft cover that keeps you nice and cool at night.


  • Fun and versatile design that offers the widest range of options
  • Unique front design is great for people that place their arm under their pillows
  • Smaller shape allows for better stability and support
  • Helps support and align neck and shoulders throughout the night
  • Reversible

Slightly smaller than a standard pillow and only 5 inches thick, there is no lumpy filling to keep you from being uncomfortable. The pillow case/cover has a zipper on the end so you can wash it when you need to. I just slip mine into a regular pillow case to keep it clean since I have dogs that sleep with me and they like to lay on my pillow too.


The Magic Core
We developed a technology that uses solid gel capsules embedded in the highest quality memory foam. These capsules change from a solid to a liquid state when heat is applied.

Infused Cooling Layer
This technology separates HIBR from the pack. While others glue cheap plastic “gel” mats to their pillows we figured out how to infuse a cooling layer into the foam – allowing your pillow to breathe.

The cooling design of the HIBR side pillow is something original that you won't find anywhere else. This will come in handy in the middle of the summer when it gets really hot and too warm to sleep at night. The cool side of the pillow that so many love but struggle with is now a thing of the past. You will be able to keep cool at night and end the hot head cycle.

If you don't want a side pillow, there are 2 other shape options to choose from. The Simple which is a basic shaped pillow and the Silhouette which is contoured to support your neck in any position. HIBR also has memory foam mattresses from Twin-CalKing size. If you are looking to purchase a new mattress, here is $50 off any mattress.


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  1. There’s a few strange solutions to the sweaty pillow problem including cooling gels and refrigerated pads. I think the simplest and best way to keep your head and neck cool at night is to get a pillow that’s breathable. If air is able to pass through your pillow while you sleep, it will not retain or build up the heat generated by your body.

    I recommend buckwheat pillows. The buckwheat hull fill allows air to move freely through your pillow, preventing heat build up. You can sleep on the cool side all night long without flipping it.

    Also, you might try using a pillowcase that’s more breathable. Egyptian cotton with a plain weave (as opposed to sateen) works very well.

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