Boys will always be boys, especially when it comes to toys. Unfortunately, appealing to little boys isn’t as easy as it used to be. A couple of decades ago, giving a kid a few toy cars would be the highlight of their day. They could literally spend the whole afternoon alone in their room playing with a toy train on tracks, toy cars, or even a few marbles! Nowadays, with a new toy on the market every other day, boys tend to get easily distracted unless the toy is super cool, can help you with so much.
So, what makes a toy special, different or cool enough to be appealing to boys of this generation? Here are a few ideas that every boy is bound to want:

Outdoor Adventures
With this generation, being outdoors is definitely something they’re not used to, but missing out on big time. What if there were devices that would raise the bar of any boy’s coolness? According to the folks at Thrill Appeal, skateboards, scooters, biking, kayaking, or any form of outdoor adventure will definitely grab their attention. Checking online reviews for the latest information, tips, and guides will help them get that outdoorsy coolness about the adventure of their choice. Once they’ve had their adrenaline rush from skateboarding a steep slope or kayaking on a rocky river, their newest favourite toy will definitely be some sort of the latest gear needed to make that rush even more intense.

Augmented Reality
The reason why Virtual Reality is so popular amongst youth is that it offers something completely new and beyond their wildest imagination. Boys don’t just play the game; they get to be part of it by being inside the game itself! That extra edge puts a whole new perspective to gaming and the criteria of a certain toy being appealing. Now imagine how cool it is to be inside your favourite game with your friends while each of you is in different locations. Doesn’t that sound pretty awesome?
VR is not just a toy, but it’s a medium that can be used to teleport anyone to another country, an imaginary world, or even a live concert or event. The application it provides is mind-blowing; it is literally like being inside your imagination.

Video and Computer games

The gaming world is never short of new ideas, new games, and new gadgets to help make that gaming experience truly exceptional. With the latest graphics that make everything feel so real or the speed and the game ideas that keep popping up making every boy’s wildest dreams come to life, video and computer games have always been extremely popular amongst boys. Playing against friends, beating their top scores and holding that number one position will make any boy the king of cool. If a boy owns a winner’s title using a video game, it’s one more reason to be dubbed their coolest toy.

Latest gadgets

Being up to date with technology automatically gives any boy the sense of having the coolest toy on earth, especially when they’ve gotten that prized possession well before their friends. Whether it’s the latest remote control car, handheld game console, or any portable device they can show off in front of their friends, boys will love having the newest popular gadget on the market. In all fairness, portable game consoles are pretty addictive and are great to share with friends and double the amount of fun.

The choice is yours
When it comes to toys, there’s a whole world out there and it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the many options available. But with the list above, the coolness aspect is definitely added in every option, making it appealing for the majority of boys. Whether it’s an outdoor adventure or a virtual reality experience, the definition of toys has definitely changed for the better.

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