While we're enjoying the days of summer, we're definitely looking for ways to beat the heat. We enjoy spending time outside, playing, but it's been so hot out there lately, that we are tryng to stay cool .

Having so many to choose from I settled on a sun hat from Coolibar, a company that specializes in all things sun-protective
And me being the one who never had a hat to wear I was excited when Coolibar contacted me and asked me to do a review. they have so many style hats that I couldnt decide I finally decided on the sun hat.

Coolibar’s mission is to develop superior sun protective products that allow people to enjoy life in the sun. We design, manufacture and market a range of quality sun protection products including sun protective clothes, SPF clothing, sun hats, sun protection swimwear, sunglasses, umbrellas, sunscreens and sunscreen. Coolibar is a private company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A sun visor is a smart choice for golf or any outdoor activity. The big brim in front shades your face, then tapers at the sides so you have a clear view of your shot. Our Sun Shade Visor is feather-light and breathable, too. It's so comfortable to wear, you'll forget you have it on.

Ample 4″ brim for full face protection
Moisture-wicking terry sweatband
Tie closure for a custom fit
Lightweight cotton canvas
Circumference: 23″
Hand wash, line dry
Rated UPF 50+

Based in Minneapolis, Coolibar was founded in 2001 to bring Australia’s world-leading approaches to sun protection to the American market. Now, Coolibar is the most recommended and tested sun protective clothing company in the United States. Dedicated to the highest quality sun protective clothing, hats and accessories, Coolibar guarantees 50+ UPF ratings for their products’ entire life cycles. We have extensively redesigned sun protective clothing styles to meet the tastes and needs of active, fashion- and health-conscious individuals and families.



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