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Cooper Heads To The Big Apple


I do not know much about autism. Cooper helped me understand so much in such a short beautifully written and illustrated book. This mother and daughter team work perfectly together. Due to the fact that Riley has autism she has a understanding of what this book needs that someone else wouldn’t. She lets us know that you can do anything thing that you can dream of. 

I love picture books and love reading and sharing them with my four grandchildren. We have read Cooper and the Big Apple so many times that even my 3 yr old can read it to me. We discuss and make different scenarios each time we read about Cooper. They identify with Cooper since their Aunt has four cats – one being black. We love Cooper and hope he has more adventures for us to read. 

When Jennifer tells Cooper they are going to the Big Apple he thinks that it really is an apple. This is part of autism, literal thinking. Everything is suppose to be exactly as it sounds. Hard to understand when it isn’t. 

During their adventure Cooper is confused because of so many nicknames of various tourist spots. Soon Cooper’s confusion turns into understanding and amazement. I think one of my favorite parts of the book is the Subway. Cooper is hungry and thought he was going to get a sandwich. To his dismay it wasn’t food but a mode of transportation. He didn’t give up hope just yet and knew he would get food soon.

Cooper’s favorite part of the trip is near the end when they go to a broadway musical Cats – after all of the confusion throughout the day – this was really about CATS!
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