Coping With the Flu When You’ve Got Children at Home


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If you’ve got young children, you’ll know how awful it is to be ill. Before kids, you’d take a few sick days from work and spend the time lying in bed with a hot drink, resting until you felt better. In those days getting out of bed to answer the door or go to the toilet was about all of the movement your body could take. Now, when you are ill, you’ve got to get out of bed and take care of your children, keep them occupied and cope with being out of bed all day long. Mom flu is the absolute worst. But, if you don’t get some rest, your illness will last for longer and spread further, so it’s important for your whole family that you find ways to take care of yourself so that you can make a full recovery as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at some things that you could do.


Call the Doctor


Braving taking kids to the doctors when you feel awful is often a bit too much, and you run the risk of infecting, even more, potentially vulnerable people with your illness, which no one wants. Fortunately, telemedicine flu treatment can help. Instead of going to the doctors, use telemedicine to get a diagnosis, treatment advice, and even a prescription if you need it, all from the comfort of your own home.


Ask for Help


We often make the mistake of thinking that we have to do it all alone, and the dreaded mom guilt prevents us from asking for help. But, this isn’t true. Even if your partner has to work and can’t take time off to look after you, you may have other options. Call your parents and in-laws, other relatives and friends to get help with the kids. You may also be able to extend their childcare or sign them up for after-school clubs for a few days. Even if no one can help with the kids, they might be able to get you some shopping or bring round some ready cooked casseroles. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.  


Let Standards Slide


Many of us are also guilty of trying to be the perfect wife and mother. This isn’t the time for perfection; it’s the time for survival. So, let your standards slide and relax your rules. If the kids are normally only allowed small amounts of screen time, they’ll be delighted with the chance to sit and play on their screens for hours, and it’ll give you a chance to rest. Forget the housework completely, nothing terrible will happen if you don’t hoover for a few days. Just make sure you get your partner to wipe all your surfaces with some antibacterial spray or wipes to kill your germs.


Make it a Game


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Very young children won’t be able to understand that mommy is poorly, and she needs some extra rest. But, they do understand play. So, play doctors. Let them feel your forehead and listen to your heart; then you do the same for them.

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