Copper Cow Coffee

You can call me the coffee queen. The first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning, is getting a cup of coffee. I truly enjoy having a hot cup of delicious coffee in the morning. I am also an adventurous person who will try various flavors and drink different coffee types to satisfy my palate quest for flavor. I especially enjoy drinking Vietnamese coffee. I grew up drinking this coffee on occasion so I know I love it. The Vietnamese have ways to brew the right amount of roast into a cup. One of my new favorite go to’s for a delicious cup of Vietnamese coffee is Copper Cow Coffee. 

Vietnamese Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee is a company that grows their coffee beans in Vietnam. Did you know that Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world? Coffee production boomed in the 1990s in Vietnam and the Vietnamese market specialized in coffee over the last fifteen years. Copper Cow Coffee carefully combines the Vietnamese robusta coffee and the arabica coffee making their brews smooth and authentic in flavor. My mouth waters just thinking about drinking Vietnamese coffee.

Vietnamese Portable Pour Over

Most of us these days are always on the go, be it to work, extracurricular activities, or family time. Grown ups and parents would definitely benefit from a coffee that is portable, without needing a fancy high tech machine to get a fresh brewed cup of coffee in the morning or just when they feel like having one. Sometimes, the only down time they have is a place that is not their home, so being able to pack coffee with you would be a wonderful thing. I was so pleased when I learned about the Portable Pour Over.

For On the Go!

Copper Cow Coffee invented a single use portable pour over filter that is pre-filled with Vietnamese coffee.  It’s aim is so you can be on the go!  The coffee is not instant, because the goal is so you can enjoy high quality coffee when you are ready. I received a one pack but there is an option to order a five pack. The pack contains one filter with fresh coffee grinds inside that you tear at the top to open. The filter has two hangers attached to each side so you kind of stretch them out like flaps and put it over a small to medium sized cup. Then you pour an ounce of boiled water to saturated the grounds, allowing the water to seep through. Next, about fifteen seconds later, you can pour five ounces worth of hot water through the filter. Next you would discard the filter. In the pack, also comes a single serve tube of and California sweetened condensed milk in liquid form. Tear it open and squeeze into your coffee for as much sweetness as you like. For convenience a stir stick comes in the pack that you can use to mix all the awesome goodness together.

I can tell you I enjoyed every drop of my Vietnamese Copper Cow Coffee. It was rich, smooth, and creamy. It was exactly the way I liked drinking my coffee.


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