Corkcicle Air; the latest and dare we say greatest addition to the Corkcicle line adds pouring and aerating to our original and most popular Corkcicle design! Chill. Aerate. Pour. Corkcicle Air includes a new pour through feature, as well as a state-of-the-art aerator that instantly expands the aromatic profile of your wine as you pour. Like its Corkcicle predecessor, Corkcicle Air cools down room-temp reds and maintains chilled whites at the perfect temperature for up to an hour. Using a unique thermal gel, Corkcicle Air provides perfectly chilled whites and reds. The only one of its kind, this amazing aerator will bring instant balance to your wine and draw out the properties gained from decanting or “letting it breath” immediately when pouring into the glass. The convenience factor means you don't need to remove Corkcicle Air from the bottle to pour. Leave it in and simply tilt the bottle to pour wine right through Corkcicle Air. Corkcicle Air also makes a great gift for the wine enthusiast.


This has come in handy now that we have a great selection of wine, and a wine rack. We were always wassting wine trying to keep it with the orginal cork and that didnt work to good, with this its so much easier.It kept the wine cooler than it would have been without it, but it was far from cold. I have ordered a freezable wine bottle cuff and hope that it and the Corkcicle working together are up to the task outdoors.


Corkcicle products are all super effective in chilling wine/keeping wine cold, but my favorite part about the Corkcicle Air is the ability to aerate & pour without having to pull the Corkcicle out of the bottle. This is a great gift for housewarmings, bridal showers, etc. Once you get one, you'll want to keep it for yourself.

Shaped like an icicle, the Corkcicle is made from BPA-free plastic and filled with a freezable gel. When you insert it into a wine bottle, it chills the wine from the inside. The Corkcicle will maintain the ideal serving temperature for an already-chilled white wine for up to an hour, and it can cool a red wine from room temperature to the optimal cellar temperature in 15 minutes. Preparation is easy. Simply freeze the Corkcicle for at least two hours before using, and make sure you pour the first small tasting glass before you insert the chilling device into a new bottle.

Founders Ben Hewitt, Stephen Bruner, and Eric Miller came up with the idea for the Corkcicle after noticing their wine warmed up too fast in the hot Florida sun. They wanted to be able to enjoy chilled wine on the patio or at the lake without lugging along a wine bucket and ice. Their inventive approach — cooling wine from the inside — can make a great bottle of vino even more enjoyable. We’ll drink to that

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