Corporate Christmas – 5 Office Party Ideas for 2021



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Office parties can be great for morale. They help to promote a real sense of oneness and camaraderie among staff, but only if you plan them right. 


Whether you want to create a memorable event that’ll get employees talking, improve the dynamic between staff, or even improve employee retention, you can’t go wrong with these fun and fresh office party ideas: 



  • A Party with Heart


Who says you can’t have fun while doing something worthwhile? Get your team to connect over a soup kitchen cookout and get everybody to bond while serving the needy. 

Spread good cheer among the elderly by putting together care packages for them, and don’t forget to incorporate a few corporate gifts for the administrative staff and care teams. 


These are all great ways to show positive company values while letting staff bond in a down-to-earth way.



  • Talent Time 


Set up some karaoke, get a talent show going, and get your team to interact with one another and express who they are. 


This is a great way to unearth passions, interests, and straight-out talent that you would’ve never discovered otherwise. It gets them talking about more than just the weather as well, which is the least you can hope for at an office party. 



  • Take It Outside


Nothing beats a change of scenery, especially when you’re used to being surrounded by four walls all day. So, why not take employees out to enjoy nature? Get a camp-out situation going with fun activities like an obstacle course. 


Do some bike riding, maybe have a paintball battle, or go on a scavenger hunt. There are so many outdoor activities everyone can enjoy, regardless of how physically active they are, and being in nature can do wonders for your team’s productivity



  • Game Night


Help everyone unleash their inner child by hosting a game night. Get classic games to stir up some nostalgia or bring in some virtual reality gear and the latest consoles to see who's keeping up with the times. 


Create a points system, set up teams, prepare prizes for the winners, and help bring out that competitive spirit in everyone. The more competitive the games are, the more exciting the night will be.



  • Learn Together


If you're trying to foster productive working relationships between employees, it’s important to realize that people tend to relate to each other better if they've had to learn something together. 


Get someone to teach donut baking or candle making. Host a wine tasting class or have someone teach pottery. As long as it's a hands-on activity that can be taught in a fun setting, consider trying it out. 


Party On!

As you bounce around these great ideas, don't neglect to do some proper planning. The steps below should get you there:  


  • Take care to make a comprehensive budget that accommodates everyone and everything; 
  • Pick a location everyone is comfortable with, and schedule it well enough in advance to get as many attendees as possible; 
  • Let your people know how you expect them to behave by drawing up some ground rules; 
  • Set a limit on how much alcohol each person can have; 
  • Identify the people you’ll need to take care of everything during the party beforehand – caterers, entertainers, educators, or perhaps even an MC to help facilitate the event. 


If your budget allows you, see if you can incorporate all these ideas. There's nothing worse than a party that's been done before, so be as creative as possible in your planning, and make this one to remember. 

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