Tooth loss is a prevalent dental problem among many adults. It happens due to many reasons such as injury, genetic conditions, tooth decay, or gum disease. Regardless of the reasons behind the loss, it is possible to replace the lost teeth and gain your normal appearance. There are more than five alternative solutions for missing teeth; both the most popular are dentures and dental implants that you can get from clinics like Oakbrook Smiles Dental Clinic.


Dentures are prosthetic metal devices that replace the missing teeth.

Commonly known as the false teeth, dentures help the victim to pronounce words well to eat well and to improve the facial appearance. On the other hand, dental implants are fixtures that connect bones to the skull. Dentists attach the implants to dentures, bridges or crowns in the mouth. Implants are surgical, and thus, they provide a more permanent solution. 


This guide will compare these two teeth replacement options to help you make a more informed decision.

Comparing Convenience and Comfortability

Dental implants outshine dentures in terms of comfort and convenience. Dentures are removable, and the user only wears them whenever they need to use them. The regular removal and fixing can easily cause an infection. The dentures might also slip when you put them in the wrong way. Similarly, an ill-fitting denture can harm your gum, and create an irritating feeling when eating or speaking. 


Conversely, the dental implants look, function, and even feel like the natural teeth. As acknowledged by the founders of G4 by Golpa, implants are ideal for people looking for a permanent solution for missing teeth. The implants do not limit the user to any food, and this means that you can eat everything, including nuts and other hard grains. As a long term solution, the dentists carry out an in-depth analysis to help you get the best value of your money, while still enjoying the benefits of the implants.

Comparing Costs

Initially, the cost of dentures is lower when compared to that of the dental implants. It, however, varies according to your locality, and the quality of the dentures that you choose. On average, the price for the dentures is $400, while that of the best quality dentures ranges between $2,000- $3,000 per plate.  However, the price might increase when you include the costs of denture replacements, fixatives, and cleaning solutions. With average durability of about 15 years, the costs can add up and interfere with your budget.


Dental implants are surgical solutions, and thus the initial price tends to be higher than that of the dentures. On average, a single implant ranges from $1,000 to $3,000, while the cost of the crown ranges between $500 and $200. The price depends on the popularity of the dentists, the location, and the current health status of the patient. However, the good thing about the implants is that they are durable, and they provide a permanent solution to missing teeth. The maintenance requirements are also low, and thus, you will not incur any costs in maintaining them. You should, however, compare different clinics, and possibly get the advantage of discounts to get the best price quotes.

Dentures Or Implants: Which One Should You Choose?

The answer entirely depends on personal preferences and considerations. Dental implants provide a long term solution, and thus, they are the best for people who need a long-lasting solution. They replicate the healthy tooth, and therefore, offer maximum support to the jaw. They are durable, and they can withstand the extreme conditions for an extended period. They involve a surgical process, whereby the dentist examines the current state of the gums and then implants the roots.


There are, however, situations where the dentures may be the ideal option. Implants are not suitable for everyone, and most doctors recommend them to people aged above 18 years. This is because, at that age, the gum is usually strong to support the implant fully. You can consider having the dentures if you do not like the idea of having oral surgery or if you are looking for a temporary solution for teeth replacement.


Hopefully, the above information will help you choose the best option for your condition. If you have more than one missing teeth, your dentist will scrutinize you and recommend the best solution. You also have the freedom to choose the dentures, implants, or any other methods which you think can work for you. Before you decide, however, make the necessary considerations, so that you can have a well-thought plan. The tooth replacement method that you choose should be convenient, cost-effective, and should bring the comfort you need.


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