The Cost of Tungsten Wedding Bands Set to Go Higher Thanks to Hollywood



Tungsten is just another metal like iron, steel and brass. Actually brass is an alloy but that is beside the point. Getting tungsten is a very easy thing. It is cheap and very easy to access. The same cannot be said about tungsten-crafted wedding bands. Yes, this metal is making wedding rings nowadays. Is it in the same caliber as gold and silver? Well, not exactly but then its popularity in Hollywood might get you thinking so. The thing about tungsten is its durability, character and affordability. These features make it a go-to material for the creation of wedding bands.

To be more specific tungsten carbide is the material that is used to make the wedding bands. It is a very strong material with the ability to withstand strong forces. The same cannot be said about gold and silver. These are very soft metals with a strong presence and that is why they are popular. However, tungsten carbide wedding rings continue to grow in popularity and so much so in Hollywood. Forbes reported on its website that this material is the favorite of the men of Hollywood at the moment.

How much do the bands cost?

One of the reasons why these rings are so popular is because of their affordability. Initially this is the reason why some men were purchasing them. They are very cheap going for prices in the neighborhood $200 for a pair. Well, the price generally depends on where you decide to do your shopping. There are some that are about $300 and $350 in price. This is a very good price considering that their golden counterparts will go for something in the tune of $500 and above.

Buying tungsten wedding bands is going to be costly in a few more years though. Someone in Hollywood thought that they are a very masculine option to work with and for that reason they chose to buy them. You know how Hollywood trends spread faster than wildfire? Men all over the globe not only in Hollywood are going for this option not much because of the price but because of the style it exudes. The wedding bands are therefore increasing in price as time goes. The demand increases and the prices follow suit.

Uniqueness and customizability

Tungsten wedding rings are a great option for men who have issues with traditional kinds of rings. The rings are very unique and stand out from a crowd. With the advent of internet technology, it is possible to have your ring custom made for you. This is another reason why the prices are going up. More and more people are getting their creative juices flowing and going for custom made wedding bands.  Perhaps it is worth closing by mentioning that tungsten carbide is a highly customizable material. You can add whatever design features that tickle your fancy easily. There is always room to make those unique rings even more unique.

Author bio

Terry Aniston has been following up on the trend of the tungsten wedding bands for men. It is one of the hottest trends in Hollywood currently. Few people are all about the traditional gold and its relatives. They want something masculine, stylish and affordable. Tungsten carbide is providing this. However the issue of affordability seems to be under threat and you can thank Hollywood for that.