You would not believe the trouble I went through to find costumes when it was not Halloween time.  It was ridiculous that I could not find somewhere (other than overseas which takes forever to get) where I could get costumes promptly.   But what if you just want to add some steam, to your bedroom, there are few options on where you can get a sexy outfit from. is the place that I can find any costume I am interested in.  From the generic French maid costume to cheerleaders to nurses to Stormtroopers (even sexy Leia) and Harley Quinn, you can find what you are looking for.  Whether you need a costume for a costume party that is off season or because you are in play (or role playing at home!!) you can find it here, and they have free shipping besides.

If you are not in the market for a costume (although they do have a huge selection), you can also find sexy dresses, lingerie, even stuff for men, so they don't feel left out! So whether you are going out on the town clubbing or just want to dress up for someone at home, you are all set.  You can buy a costume, a sexy dress, and a teddy all in one place – one stop shopping!

They also have accessories such as wigs, jewelry, and wings for the bumble bee or butterfly costumes, or they sell just masks so if you are invited to a masquerade party where all you need is a black mask look no further than here to get one.  In fact, you can even buy a sexy dress to go with the mask!  If you are in plus sizes, no worries there either because they do carry plus sizes.

For HALLOWEEN:  Only to an ADULT PARTY… don't be wearing this outfit Trick or Treating with your kids.  Now I know I don't have to say that, but you never know!  It will go very well with black tights, knee-high boots, whip, and a mask.  Well, that is my costume. Now I just have to find that adult party!


Now I do not have to worry if it is not September or October and all those pop-up Halloween shops are gone because I know I can get any costume I need even if it is not Halloween and I can also get some great dresses and lingerie whenever the mood strikes!  Whatever you need a costume for, 3 wishes is the place to get it. No hassles, no problems, and the fun is picking out the one you want.

Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and check them out for yourself!

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