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Couple Travel: The Best Destinations In The World To Get Married

If you’re an adventurous traveler, you probably don’t want to get married at home in the US. Instead, you’ll want to venture to a stunning location somewhere tropical, right? Well, with that in mind, there are some excellent suggestions in this post. Regardless of where you might have been in the past, both your partner and yourself are going to love these destinations. Of course, the best thing about getting married at one of these places is that you won’t have to fly anywhere for the honeymoon. You can just stay for a couple of weeks after the ceremony.



Los Cabos – Mexico


If you don’t want to travel too far, you could always host your big day in Mexico. Los Cabos is one of the most beautiful resorts in the entire country. It’s located near to the southern tip of Mexico, and so the weather is always fantastic. You can also expect to encounter clear waters everywhere around the coastline. Maybe you could find a Cabo wedding planner to assist with making all the arrangements? People are doing that job in Mexico just like everywhere else in the world. Also, there is no reason to worry about safety because the resort has become popular in recent times, and so there is always a strong police presence.



Jamaica – Caribbean


Most people overlook Jamaica when it comes to exotic weddings. However, it’s one of the most idyllic and relaxed countries in the world. In the countryside, you will find welcoming people who love to greet travelers. You could arrange your ceremony on the beach or high up in the mountains where the Rastas hang out. There are also lots of mansion compounds you could hire during your stay. Those homes are large enough to provide most of your guests with accommodation. Interestingly, Johnny Cash chose to live in the mountains of Jamaica for many years. It’s much safer than most people would have you believe.

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Goa – India


It could take a while to reach Goa from the United States. Still, you shouldn’t have to catch more than two flights these days. The area has recently become popular with backpackers and other young travelers. However, India is a top location for people who want a wedding with a difference. If you visit the country ahead of time to make arrangements, you could have a beautiful ceremony. Indeed, it’s possible to arrive on the back of elephants and get an entire village playing traditional music. Just imagine all the amazing memories you could create. Also, India is vast, and so there are lots of interesting places to visit on your honeymoon.


Whatever you decide to do, make sure you research each of the locations mentioned in this article. Don’t resign yourself to a boring old church wedding like all your friends. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box if you want the most memorable day possible. Every suggestion on this page should create those results. Enjoy, and make sure you live a long and happy life together!