The List that Has it All

I love getting together with my husband, because I feel that our time is precious. We are so busy that we forget to take time for each other. But even when we do have down time with just us and no kids, we become clueless to what activities we can do for each other. We have been married for so long, that ideas are hard to come by. I like that I can use “The Couple’s Bucket List.”

100 Ideas to Choose From

The Couple’s Bucket List is a collection of fun things that my man and I can do together. It’s a hundred really great ideas published on quality card stock. There’s even a sweet message from the owner. Each card falls in the category of either life, love, or laughter. Some of the ideas can be rather daring, so hopefully all parties involved are open minded.

The Couple’s Bucket List has ideas that can be rather intimate or some that are playful and silly. All the ideas are really good though! Each idea can be done easily and help boring couples add spice to their relationship. This doesn’t mean they aren’t risky!

Perfect Gift for Couple's

I thought this Couple’s Bucket List would make great for an anniversary, wedding, and Valentines gift. I like that there are tab separators for adventures that you’ve already completed, are currently in the process of completing, or would like to complete! Ever since my husband and I started trying out this bucket list, we have shared so much laughter together.

I love my husband and I feel anything I can do to make our relationship better, I will definitely give a try. Just be careful to keep the list away from children and your in-law’s as you want to keep awkward conversations at bay.

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