1Coveryourhair.com has a lot oh hair loss cure products. They have a very big selection. I was given 3 headbands to review. They are very stylish and not only look good in your hair but keeps your hair away from your face. They come in all different styles and colors.

About our Hair Coverings and Accessories

Pre Tied Bandanas A convenient headcovering that can be used to cover your hair is the popular Pre Tied Bandana. The many different styles, fabrics, and appliques gives oppurtunity for everyone. The Feather Pre Tied Bandana, Stoned Pre Tied Bandana, Striped Pre Tied Bandana, Navy Terry Pre Tied Bandana, Maroon Velvet or the Solid Pink Cotton Pre Tied Bandana all are very different but are all commonly comfortable affordable and great for religious or hair loss head covers.Tie Backs

Tie backs or Durags are popular for their multi use purposes. Hair loss patience enjoy these stylish headcovers for they are great for covering bald spots around the head. The funky styles such as the Funky Cotton Tie Back give spice to an otherwise simple headcovering. Many people love these lightweight Tie Backs for some style on a boring day. Try the yellow Paisley Tie back or the Solid red Tie back.
Square Bandanas The popular square bandanas come in a variety of solid bandanas, floral bandanas, paisley bandanas, striped bandanas, army bandana, polka bandanas, tie dye bandanas and printed bandanas. Wear them as a necktie, a kerchief, folded into a headband, or whatever you would like to us it for. Triangle bandanas Swirls and sparkles, lycra and cotton. Each triangle bandana has it own style yet they are all comfortable and easy to wear.

The triangle Bandana gives the look of the square bandana but does not require any folding. There is a studded splash applique Triangle bandana which give a simple Triangle a fun look.Headbands

Narrow Headbands, wide headbands, headband with appliques, feather headbands, printed headbands or solid striped headbands, many styles for any taste. These are headbands that circle around the head entirely connected in the back of the neck by either a piece of material or elastic. These are great for those with hair loss at the front of the hair line. The wide headband are very popular for those with hair loss or balding around the skull area.

Headbands With Tails The headbands with tails are interesting because of their featured no tie tails. This is great for a rushed day were there is no time to tie a kerchief around the head for a perfect fit. This headband with tails just gets slipped on over the head and is already tied by a piece of elastic. The elastic can be tighten to fit a small head size.

Un-tied Headbands The untied headband is a long sash that can be tied to any head size with two tails hanging down. The variety of prints such as the Turquoise and Beige Untied Headband or the Lavender Paisley Untied Headbands are great for everyone taste. Hard HairBands All ages enjoy the hard headband. Beautiful fabrics with beading and appliques make for an elegant Hard Headband. There are also solid and simple designs that are perfect for everyday. If you have a hard time keeping a Hard Headband in your hair, many of our headbands have teeth underneath to hold it in place.

Israeli Tichels The Israeli tichel or mitpachot is a popular headscarf worn by many people including for those who cover for both religious reasons and hairloss. There is every color and style one can imagine from the printed turquoise tichel with silver lurex to the taupe flowery tichel with silver lurex. There are many different ways to tie tichels by either tying into a bun, crown, braid and many more.

Snoods The snoods are crochet and are perfect for those covering their hair entirely. It is great for a bad hair day. The variety of colors are perfect for any wardrobe. Try the Gold Crochet Snood or the Denim Long Snood. There are snoods with a band for an extra secure fit.

Turbans The turbans are a headcover that covers the full skull area. There is a variety of colors in the cotton and velvet fabrics. It is a full coverage headcovering.

Chaponnes Our chappone or pull on hats are made of a variety materials which gives plenty of choices for both winter and summer hats. The solid chaponnes, striped chaponnes, flower chaponne or one with a visor are all comfortable and affordable.

Hair Clips Perfect for all ages, our variety of hairclips provide choices for everyone. Ribbon Clips, Studded Clips, Beaded bar clips, or our featured feather bar clip there is one for you. Pony Holders Pony holders can be used to gather some hair into a half pony or gather all away into a full pony. There are beaded Pony Holders, Studded Pony Holders, Flower Pony Holders, and many more. And nowdays, more and more try wear a toupee for men for hair loss problem

Berets Both heavy and light berets stock the shelves at coveryourhair.com. From woolen beret to heavy crochet beret to the feather light beret, they are all made of top quality.Hats Caps

Try the embossed cap, perfect to wear from the sunniest to the rainiest day. What about the design Angora hat or the elegant large flower hat? Both beautiful yet both different. If you love a hat or cap you will love our selection. For more information click here.


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  1. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I have always wanted a Snood!

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    My daughter would love the tie-dyed head bands.

  3. Robert Brown says:

    I would get the pack of tie-dye headbands.

  4. Robert Brown says:

    I would give it to my daughter and let her choose.

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