Cozy Chic: Winter Styles To Keep You Cute and Comfortable

Cozy Chic: Winter Styles To Keep You Cute and Comfortable

Are you looking forward to digging out those winter clothes, or does the thought of your winter wardrobe leave you feeling less than merry? When cold weather comes around, all the cute outfits of spring and summer disappear under layers of bulky sweaters and coats. Don’t fret just yet! With the right layers and style ideas, you can be just as fashionable in winter as you are the rest of the year. Check out our guide to winter styles to keep you cute and comfortable all season long.

Layer With a Skirt

Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to condemn your favorite skirts to a season in the closet. Skirts layer well with cozy sweaters or long coats for a fashionably warm outfit. An oversized sweater on top of a slimmer skirt will give you a perfectly balanced outfit. You can also choose a fitted top and a flowy lapel coat for a classy and professional look.

Mix and Match Sweatpants

Nothing says cozy like a soft pair of sweatpants. Luckily, your favorite joggers are no longer limited to lazy days around the house. Sweatpants are a major fashion trend right now, making them a newfound staple of winter styles that keep you cute and comfortable. Balance different styles to create the perfect sweatpants look; for example, a fitted top pairs well with loose, cozy joggers. Meanwhile, leggings are perfect for those big, warm sweaters.

The Long Dress

Long dresses are a staple in winter. Find a style that’s knee-length or longer, then add your favorite accessories. A thick scarf is perfect for balancing a fitted dress. Alternatively, add a cute belt around your waist to keep a cozier dress from getting too bulky. Use tights and layers to turn your favorite year-round dress into a winter look or show off the best winter fashion with turtleneck dresses, long sleeves, and more.

Oversized Plaid Jacket

On warmer winter days, lose the heavier coat and show off your oversized plaids or cardigans. The soft material of a cardigan or flannel is perfect for achieving ultimate coziness. At the same time, the open look is a great way to show off the rest of your outfit without being too cold. Pair with your favorite pants and a chunky pair of boots, and you’ll be ready to tackle anything the day throws at you.

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