Family traditions have always been a part of the human experience. Ever since anyone can remember, there has always been some sort of familial anchor that brings people together, despite all the conflicts and issues that may arise. There is something to a single thing that we can all look to that signifies the existence of a family unit, whether it’s passed down through generations or just within your own. 


Crabbing is a tradition among thousands of people across the world. It’s an excuse to go outside and honor the people before us by sharing in their experience. They did it for food—as a source of sustenance. Today, we have the privilege of adding that experience to our own families. 

Prep is half the fun

Half the fun of going on a trip is preparing for the trip. There are so many cool little skills to learn and contraptions to buy. You can pick and choose the best one for you. There’s a ton of expert advice online. If you’re looking for the best crab traps for families, you might want to look into something bigger like a good-sized crab pot. 


With the right bat, you can catch a whole bunch of crabs in one of those. You can go down the list of all the cool accessories and additions to get, as well as map out where you want to go. It’s as exciting as it is functional, and you can teach kids a valuable lesson in preparing a trip. You can never go wrong with good prep.

Crabbing is everywhere!


No matter where you are in the world, there’s bound to be some crabbing going on. Most people congregate near water. Whether it be the ocean or a lake, there’s always a crustacean that’s willing to take the bait. You can take your tradition to virtually anywhere on the globe. That’s the beauty of a crab trip: it doesn't matter where you are, you can get it done. It can even be an excuse to travel the world. You can go crabbing in Florida, the Philippines, Peru, anywhere. As an added benefit, you’ve got yourself a reason to go to those places. Each and every country has their own crab recipes. Might as well try them all out!

Tradition for generations 

Even if one of your kids moves out to start their own life, they’ll still have something to go back to. They can even teach their own kids how to do it. Reinforcing positive experiences and skills is a sure way to make sure your influence gets passed down. Going on these crabbing trips and teaching your kids how to do it is how you begin a generational tradition. Even in this modern age, there’s so much power in telling your children: “This is how my grandfather did it, and how my father did it.” That’s what’s being built with a tradition. 


Sadly, family traditions are losing their  importance in modern society, often being replaced with a consistent stream of new experiences. That’s fine, of course. We all have to adapt to the modern world. But having that anchor, that tradition, keeps us grounded, no matter how far or long we’re gone. 


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