The crashlings meteor mutants from outer space. There are over 150 in the collection. There are aliens, Dino's, sea life, monsters and insects. Collect them all. Look for special edition crashlings there are common which are orange, rare  that are yellow, ultra rare are red, and special edition which are purple. They include popping meteors. It also includes 5 games.
Meteor StackStack 3 meteors on top of each other without them falling over. Whoever stacks first without falling wins. For single player, stack in 30 seconds or less and win. Another game is Meteor CatchPop your meteor in the air and catch it in a cup. Challenge yourself by starting with a wide rim cup. As you get better, challenge yourself by using a cup with a smaller rim! Another one is Space JumpPlace your meteors in the popping position. The meteor that pops the highest wins! The fourth game is Space JumpPlace your meteors in the popping position. The meteor that pops the highest wins! The fifth game is Tic-Tac Crash2 people, each with 5 different meteors play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Instead of using X’s & O’s, use the meteors to see who wins. Zachary and I love playing tic tac toe and this was a fun way of playing it.



The meteor missile ship. There are three ways to play. You can transport your crashlings, launch them, space drop. The meteors pop up to 4 feet high.

The crashlings catapult city play set. Stack me up and crash them down.
Zachary loves to pop the meteors at the buildings and tries to knock them down. He plays for hours. This set includes 1 meteor tower, 1 crash pad, 8 stackable buildings, 1 catapult, 1 zip line, 1 slide, 3 crashlings, 2 meteors, 1 popping meteor and one crash tronomy cart.
These toys are so much fun and are would be great gifts for this coming holiday season. Zachary had such a great time playing with the toys and knocking and popping buildings over. For more information click here.



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