Crave Naturals Brow & Lash Kit Review!

You know a few of the beauty tools I use on a daily basis?  (1) Lash comb, (2) angled brow brush, and (3) a spoolie to brush my eyebrows out before applying powder with the angled brow brush.  Those are three reasons that I thought this product was a fantastic one to receive!


I love the tube it comes in and the cover art.  Cute product for sure.  So, what’s on the inside?  With the brow and lash kit, you receive the Lash Perfection Comb and the Duo Ended Masterpiece (angled brow brush on one end, spoolie on the other).

I use the spoolie to brush my eyebrow hairs into place everyday, then use the angled brow brush to apply brown powder to fill in my eyebrows.  Now, instead of having two separate tools to do this with, I have it all in ONE.  Not only is it more convenient, but it saves what I have to pack when I travel (which is great as I am packing right now for a trip). This is a great product. For more information click here.


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