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10514480_10202530012635637_2283987837638633592_nRecently I was given the chance to go to the crayola factory in Easton, pa. The drive took about an hour and a half to get there from my house. Which surprised me as I thought it would be 2 1/2 hour ride. When we arrived the kids were very excited to see all the crayola crayons decorations on the outside of the building.


There is a Parking garage conveniently across the street. Which makes it easy you are not searching for a place to park. When we walked out of the parking garage there were characters outside waiting to great everyone. We were able to take pictures of them with the kids. Zachary was very excited about taking his picture with the red dog.


We entered I was not sure how long it was going to take to get in as the line was very long and it was a weekend. Surprisingly the line went very fast. They had plenty of cashiers waiting to help you. They were very pleasant and handed us a brochure, tokens for the children to do activities. I had asked about the shows that were recommended and they told me where they were located and the times.


We first went to the first show. The show was animated crayons on showing you how crayons are made. Zachary and Katie enjoyed the show. At the end of the show they had given each person a crayon that was just made during the show.


Then we had gone the silly putty show. The show is located in the cafe. So we decided to get lunch and watch the show. The show was put on by Ben and Stephanie. They put on a very good show. I like the fact that they chose two people from the audience to participate in the show. After the show we then went to make markers, got to name and wrap our own crayons. While we were in the marker section Ben And Stephanie put on a magic show.



Zachary and Katie were so excited as they were able to help in the show. The look on their faces in amazement over the magic. We also made crayons into shapes that's where Leila let is pick a crayon and we melted them into dinosaurs, crayon men and rings. we made pictures out of melted crayons, made puzzles and much more.


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Their favorite part was making the monsters out of model magic.
There was a lot to do. It was better than I expected it to be. When you plan your trip to crayola factory make sure you get there when it opens as there is so much to do. You need the whole day do enjoy it all. We cannot wait to go back!


The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission will be doing construction on the Route 22 bridge beginning June 17, 2013. We strongly urge all guests to travel to us via Route 78 when visiting. Crayola Experience is located 1.5 miles from Exit 75 off Route 78.

Mailing/GPS Address:
Crayola Experience
30 Centre Square
Easton, PA 18042


The nice people of Crayola are giving away 2 tickets to 6 winners , all you have to do is enter below.

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