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A Fun Way to Make Delicious Whipped Cream

Cream Whipper

I love cream on top of everything! Most of all I love cream on top of my pies and lattes. What comes sad is when I go to the grocery store and cannot find any whip cream cans left. The whip cream in a tub is very hard to use. Its cake and the spread makes the pie break. Or it leaves a big clunk of cream in the middle of my coffee, just floating there! The whip creams that can in a canister are the best since they can be whipped real quick with some air and pressure. Then you get a yummy foamy type cream that is smooth, cold, and creamy. What I discovered to never have the problem of running out of whip cream, was to have my own cream whipper.

Delicious and Gorgeous

The Cream Whipper from Gorgeous Kitchen is a beautiful piece of stainless steel dispenser that comes with a few decorating nozzles to create some fun looking whip cream clusters. When I whip out some cream on my pumpkin pie, the dispense is simple and smooth. It is very fast to make the whip cream, and very easy too.

I would start by washing my cream whipper in cold water. Or letting it chill in the refrigerator so the internal temperature becomes cold. Then I pour heavy whipping cream inside and with some dissolved granulated sugar to add a hint of sweetness. I only shake the cream whipper three times so that my cream comes out soft and not too stiff. Then when it comes to dispensing the cream, you absolutely must hold the canister upside down or some cream will not get used and instead get stuck in the cream whipper.

I served my friends some strawberries and cream last night, and they just kept telling me how creamy and yummy my whip cream was. The size of one cream whipper is five-hundred ml. That makes a lot of cream before running out.

This can be purchased through Amazon Cream Whipper | Gorgeous Kitchen