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Delicious Baked Goods

Cream Bakery

Once in a while I crave home baked sweets, sweets that feel like they were treated with love and baked carefully with full artistry. My favorite of all sweets are baked bars. I would never opt for another brownie or blondie from somewhere else, because now I am hooked on goods from Cream Bakery!

Always Fresh

Cream Bakery has created these satisfying sweet treats that arrive fresh. It never takes more than a week to be delivered to your location. It is great to know how after they are baked, they seal them to keep all that yummy goodness locked inside to stay as fresh as can be.

I totally appreciated how Cream Bakery took a mindful approach as well when shipping out. I was so excited to receive a package from them. As I opened the package, I saw a cute box inside with the company logo. The cover slipped off and inside was eight neatly placed bars that were individually wrapped. The bars were inside a pretty folded tissue paper stamped with the words brownies and blondies. It was exciting, because just visually, everything looked so tasty and presented well!

Great Ingredients, Great flavors

Inside my box, I received The Chocolate Lover’s container. It had chocolate chip blondies, s’mores cookie bars, Nutella swirl bars, and fudge brownies. I appreciated that they were baked with high quality ingredients and did not taste like store bought goods off the shelf. Cream Bakery uses butter, honey, flour, sugar, and eggs, just to name a few quality ingredients. They also use real Belgian chocolate and Madagascar Vanilla. You’re tastebuds will know the difference in quality for sure. They are so delicious!

If you wanted to, you could store them in your freezer for up to six months. You can refrigerate them for up to two months. But as is, the stay fresh for a month, and if you have some unfinished bars, just keep them in a Ziplock. Under each bar is a date marking their best buy freshness date. They are perfect to send as gifts. Prices won’t be printed on them so there is no awkwardness there.

Travels So Well

Besides the Chocolate Lover’s Box, there is also three other kinds. The Bestsellers Box has bars of raspberry swirl, fudge brownie, cookies n’ cream, and chocolate chip. There is also the Cookie Lover’s Box, and the Cream Classics Box. They are shipped from New Jersey and hold up through all the various temperatures as they are shipped around the states. When choosing a box, you can pick the eight count or sixteen count. They don’t disappoint and would be gone in an instant if brought to a party!

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