Create A Doggy Garden Haven

Too often we just expect our dogs to fit simply in with our lives and our homes. As much as we love our canine friends this can lead to a little conflict of interests. Dogs see things in a certain way, and that is not always the same way we do! Naturally enough you’ll take steps to protect your house from accidental damage or mess. Most people will dog proof their home out of necessity. However why not take this a step further and give your dog a brilliant place to hang out that he will adore?




Create a dog haven in your garden and you will have the perfect place for your pooch to hang out, exercise, play and relax. In fact, a dog haven will give you a suited and protected space to enjoy quality time with your dog. It will also allow your pet to do all the things that he loves to do, and that come naturally to him. That will make him a more balanced, happier and less stressed dog. And let’s face it, as an animal, he enjoys being outside.


Creating a garden haven, means taking some pressure off your home. But it is more than opening the back door and allowing your dog into the yard. Creating a dog haven means actively making a space that will allow your pet to play, relax and be safe in.


Start with the layout

Take a look at your garden layout. If you already have a dog who is used to being in the garden, it may well be that he has already worn out a route of paths around the perimeter. This is quite natural as dogs see themselves as the guardians of your property. That means they like to patrol the borders. This is something you should encourage. If you have the space, you could work in a route or path.


It would make sense to have this laid out roughly in line with your boundaries. However, it can be great fun to make it twist and turn. This will add interest and give your dog a little more to enjoy. The nature of the path will depend on the breed and character of your dog. If you have a potential digging escapee, you might need to consider underground barriers made of chicken wire or even concrete.


A good surface to employ would be flagstones. Pea gravel works exceptionally well. Bricks and cedar chips are also great dog-friendly surfaces.


Your dog will have his work cut out as the premium guard of your yard. Of course, you don't just want your garden to be a lap track, and it is easy to add planting that will add interest to your garden. If you don’t want to encourage your dog to dig and forage around your plants, then place a temporary barrier to discourage this. Depending on the size of your dog, then a border of rocks could be a great idea.


Most dogs will stay out of densely planted areas. You could consider planting in purpose built raised beds. These will make perfect sense if you are hoping to raise and eat vegetables or herbs. Plant shrubs that are hardy. Perennial grasses make great border plants. Avoid delicate flowers that can easily be trampled, knocked about or uprooted.


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Avoid plants that are spiky or thorny. These can cause injury and even damage eyesight. You will also want to ensure that you have no toxic plants in your garden. Mushrooms and fungus should be discouraged and avoided. Keep an eye out for them especially in the fall and remove them as soon as they appear. Make sure your compost pile is out of bounds or enclosed.


A path or track is one thing but have a think about extra space that your dog may need or enjoy. Nature will always take its course and as a dog owner, you will have to be prepared for that. It may be possible for you to train your dog to relieve itself in one particular area. If that is your objective then having a surface that you can clean or easily freshen will be a consideration. Again flagstones, bricks or pea gravel may be a good choice. If you are using mulch chips, then make sure that you choose a type that won’t hurt or inflame tender paws.


A separate area that you might like to consider could be an area for your dog to soak up some sunshine! This might well depend on the type of dog you have. As much as some dogs enjoy the rays, it is a good idea to provide some shady options. A pergola is a cool idea, but as dogs love to have their own secret space, why not get a dog kennel? Consult for great advice and options to consider for the optimum dog house. You’ll want to get something that is sturdy and even stylish. Variations include an upstairs platform, where your dog will love the vantage point and view.


A play space should always be a consideration. Get used to enjoying this space with your dog. Any dog left to its own devices will get bored, and that is when many behavioural problems start. Have a store of dog toys handy and get involved some hands-on pet interaction. A healthy dog is a happy dog.


The most basic consideration of any dog focused garden should be an effective fence around the boundary. This will prevent your pooch from getting out onto the street. It will also ensure that your dog doesn’t bother the neighbors. As your dog is by nature intensely curious, it can be a great idea to have a peek fence window installed. These keep your pet inside but allow them to see the world outside.


As with any pet, you’ll need to ensure a plentiful supply of drinking water. A tap is an obvious solution. Automatic water dispensers work well, or you could consider a drinking fountain!


Creating an outdoor haven for your dog can be a great backyard project. It doesn’t have to cost too much, and it will give you, and your pet a wonderful and creative space to enjoy together.