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The stage has its own life, its own energy. No two shows are ever alike, and that’s part of the fun. What if you had the power to easily capture all that magic and bring it to everyone who couldn’t be there? What if you could record your performances, and mix it yourself afterward to get exactly the sound you want out of the recording?

The Tracker MT16 makes it possible.Take pride in your live recordings Go beyond the microphone taped to the wall with JamHub’s Tracker MT16 multitrack recorder. This portable recorder lets you connect directly to almost any mixer or JamHub studio for 16 channel multitrack recordings that feature each musician on their own track, without affecting the house sound at all.

Record incredible audio, up to 24/96, in WAV or MP3, so all your files drop seamlessly into your favorite DAW for post-production. And starting in June 2014, you’ll be able to use the Tracker MT16’s built-in WiFi to start and stop your recordings from any iOS device with the free Tracker MT16 Control app.Share the spirit We make music to share with the world. Tracker MT16 makes getting a great product easier than ever by letting you record

Whether you’re tracking for the web, for an album, for video, or for a podcast, clean multitrack audio is a must. The Tracker MT16™ captures up to 16 channels simultaneously from any JamHub studio and many analog mixers. Great for those of us who love music, and play instruments now you can record 7 tracks and then play it back. We make products for musicians that allow them to play more and get better faster.

Make no compromises when it comes to what you hear. Create up to 11 completely independent analog monitor mixes for headphones, wedges, or in-ears. Each mix is unique, and nothing you do will affect your band mates, so you’re free to dial in exactly what you need to play at your best.

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