Creating the Perfect Bridal Look for Your Autumn Wedding

Brides all over the world are unique and beautiful in their own way. There’s no proper way to plan a wedding or a rulebook telling you what to do. As the fall season approaches, autumn brides may be searching for the final touches on their bridal look. Read more on creating the perfect bridal look for your autumn wedding.

Complement Your Wedding Color Scheme

You don’t have to match anything about your bridal look directly to the colors you’ve chosen for your autumn wedding. The goal is to look elegant and allow all the decorations and color schemes to be an asset to your already beautiful day.

Eye Makeup

If you’re going for a bolder eye makeup look for your wedding, colors such as dark browns, shades of berries, shades of pink, smoky gray, or shimmery gold can be great looks to pair with the autumn season.

Smokey eyes and thick winged eyeliner aren’t the only ways to complete your bridal look. When thinking of fall, you may picture dark and warm colors. Your eyeshadow doesn’t have to match the expectations of fall colors. A few lovely eyeshadow colors that still mimic fall are tan and light browns, a soft shimmer gold, or a light mauve color.

Experimenting With a New Hairstyle

Any bride knows that their hair is among the most important pieces of the day. No matter the style you choose, you want your wedding hairstyle to last all day long. Before the big day, remember to practice your hairstyle. Whether you’re doing your own hair or you’re paying a professional, test the hairstyle to see if it will hold and if it matches your dress well.

The three big options for hairstyles are updos, hair down, and half-up, half-down hairstyles.

A sleek, pinned-back bun can be a great addition to showcase your wedding dress’s details. Letting your hair down straight or wavy can be a beautiful and natural way to pair your look with the season of autumn. Or incorporating some style with a half-up, half-down hairstyle can add some more focus to your hair on your wedding day.

Hair Accessories

Consider adding a small accent to your hairdo to pair with the color scheme. Whether it’s a jeweled hairpin or a dark floral or leaf accent, this can add a little spice to your already elegant bridal look.

No matter which style or accessory you choose, remember that it isn’t just a day about looking beautiful. It’s a day about celebrating love. You want to showcase your beauty and love on your special day together. Creating the perfect bridal look for your autumn wedding can be simple if you listen to your heart.

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